11 Jan

9 Nov

27 Aug

Spotted sellotaped to the tram stop at Koningspein in Amsterdam:

I foresee two possible outcomes.

One will result in a very touching scene between a father and son a few years from now when the inquisitive young boy asks how mummy met daddy. The proud father will put his paper and pipe down, pick up the young boy and sit him down on his knee. As they sit together next to the fire in the father’s favourite old leather armchair he starts to tell his son a most wonderful story about a romantic search across an entire city to find the girl who had quite unexpectedly taken his breath away one summer day on tram number five. It is the kind of epic love story that poems and novels are written about. It is a story that stays with the young boy. It shapes and forms many of his own thoughts and ideas about love which eventually lead to him meeting his own wife many more years later… and then, a few more years later still, it is a story he tells to his own children about how grandmother met grandfather…

That or a lengthy court case resulting in a restraining order. It could go either way.

1 Apr

… but could I live with myself?

21 Sep

This photo was taken in the American Book Center on Spui. The crime section had become a crime scene after an argument over the last copy of Baantjer’s latest book got slightly out of hand. The investigation has concluded from the body’s position that the victim still tried to grab the paperback even during his final moments. Police are calling it the strongest book recommendation they have ever seen.