My Frisian Life

Message In A Bottle

Message in a bottle

Most regular readers will already know that about a year ago my wife and I moved up to Friesland. At the time of the move we had got as far as buying an empty field but it was still going to be a few months until a house was built on it. Not wanting to live in a tent on our newly purchased land until then we temporarily moved in with my parent-in-law. The exciting […]

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Frozen in Friesland

Frozen Friesland

This week I found myself suddenly trapped in Friesland as snow and ice descended upon the province, transforming it in to Freezeland. Our first warning of the approaching winter weather had actually happened on the Sunday, a full day before there was any sight of even a single snow flake or the slightest drop in temperature. Lights had started to mysteriously flicker around the house which I would normally take as an indication of an […]

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How I Became A Dutch Land Owner

Dutch Land Owner

I think I might be an adult… Yesterday we signed some papers and now I own a house, a whole house with a roof, walls, doors and other house like bits. As far as responsible adult like actions go this is quite a big one. I am now a Dutch land owner. The only problem is that the house does not actually exist yet. It will exist but at the moment it is very much […]

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I Have A Friesian Passport Now

I don’t think it gets any more official than this; a Friesian passport and country sticker (given to me by my parents-in-law). I had no idea that I had been illegally visiting Friesland without official documentation for all these years. I now keep my Friesian passport with me at all times when I am crossing ‘the boarder’ into Holland. The train conductor does seem a bit confused whenever I show it to him with my […]

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Moving To Friesland

Every once in a while it is time for a change. It was just such a change that brought me to The Netherlands fifteen years ago and I have enjoyed every moment of it. However, it is time once again for a change, a new location and a new challenge. It is time to move on… to Friesland! Ok. I know Friesland is technically within The Netherlands but I’m not entirely convinced that it is […]

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