My Dutch Life

An Open Letter To Radio 10

Radio 10

Dear Radio 10, I need to ask your help with something… Something life altering important. I need you to help me solve a mystery. The other night I was driving home in my car (since that is what I usually drive home in and driving home in someone else’s car would be both odd and illegal) while listening to a radio station. I am ashamed to say it was not Radio 10. It was an […]

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The Quest For Dutch Nationality

Quest For Dutch Nationality

Technically I have been lying to you all for a very long time. Theoretically I have taken your trust and miss used it. I claim that I have been living in The Netherlands since 2001 but that is not true. To make matters worse it is a lie I didn’t even know I was telling. It is a lie I believed to be true. I have memories of leaving England in 2001 and arriving in […]

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Mega Mindy – A Conversation With My Daughter

Mega Mindy

If you have small children in The Netherlands (or Belgium) you have probably encountered Mega Mindy at some point. She is a brightly dressed Dutch/Flemish super hero who catches naughty people and entertains children on television. My daughter has become obsessed with her in recent months. This means I’ve been exposed to a lot of the show. I now have the theme song permanently stuck in my head (for all time). Like most super heroes […]

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A Story of Misheard Christmas Song Lyrics

Misheard Christmas Song Lyrics

My daughter has recently been getting into the festive spirit by singing the song We Wish You a Merry Christmas. Unfortunately she only knows the words to the first part of the song and she has decided to sing them in a constant loop. It’s very cute to hear her singing in English but after a while we started to wish she would move on to some other song in the wide variety of Christmas […]

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How I Survived My First 15 Years In The Netherlands

15 Years In The Netherlands Small

It’s hard to believe that this year marks two big anniversaries in my life as an expat here in the Netherlands. The first being the 10 year anniversary of this very blog (that took place in March) and the second being today; the 15 year anniversary of the day I first arrived in The Netherlands… I think it is finally time to admit that I live here now. It’s also funny to think how much […]

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