Love & Romance in Holland


“Have you heard this song before?” My wife asks as she turns up the radio a little for me to hear the lyrics. “It’s so weird.” “No, I’ve… Wait… What’s he singing?” “I’d catch a grenade for ya.” “Really? Wow. Why?” “I don’t know but it sounds like a nice song until you listen to the lyrics. Then it just gets creepy.” “Why would he… Oh my god! What was that one? I’d jump in […]

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How (Not) To Pick Up Dutch Girls – Part 2

Pick Up Dutch Girls 2

It is nine years ago. I have only been in the Netherlands for two months. I am standing at the bar waiting to order drinks as the club’s music rings in my ears and my foot taps to its beat. My friends are somewhere on the dance floor. I wait for the barman. Suddenly the attractive young girl waiting next to me turns her attention in my direction. She smiles and flicks her hair. I […]

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How (Not) To Pick Up Dutch Girls – Part 1

Pick Up Dutch Girls 1

It is a late summer evening six years ago. I am still young, free and single. I am standing at the checkout of my local Albert Heijn super market. The young and attractive Dutch girl in front of me beeps the ingredients of my pasta dinner over her scanner. I decide to show off a little and talk to her in Dutch. “Mag ik een tasje?” I ask. With a smile she reaches under the […]

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Photos Uit Amsterdam: Is This You?

Spotted sellotaped to the tram stop at Koningspein in Amsterdam: I foresee two possible outcomes. One will result in a very touching scene between a father and son a few years from now when the inquisitive young boy asks how mummy met daddy. The proud father will put his paper and pipe down, pick up the young boy and sit him down on his knee. As they sit together next to the fire in the […]

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