26 Feb

Frisian Independence

Dear people of Holland,

As you know I successfully declared myself the king of your country sometime ago. This happened when I put up flyers around Amsterdam announcing the news and no one objected (thus making it official). It has been sometime since my last royal update so allow me to issue the following news.

It has been over half a year since I relocated my royal residence to Friesland (from the royal apartment of Rotterdam). Having spent some time among the Frisian people and getting to know their culture I have decided to grant them full independence from the rest of The Netherlands. I will not (as one of my Dutch subjects suggested) be ‘selling them to Germany’.

This plan means that the province of Friesland will become its own independent country free of Dutch control. Luckily Friesland already has its own flag, language and national anthem so they are already half way there. In order to achieve full Frisian Independence I will be making the following changes over the next few months.

Steps towards Frisian Independence:

1) Frisian will be added to Google Translate (Done).

2) Orange will remain the national colour of Friesland but it will be a slightly different shade of orange from the Dutch.

3) Dutch people within Friesland will now be considered ‘expats’ or ‘tourists’.

4) Border control will be set up between Friesland and The Netherlands.

5) Frisian passports will be issued to all residence of Friesland.

6) Canal jumping will be made an official Olympic sport.

7) Friesland will be represented by its own football team in the European and World Cup.

8) A Frisian edition of the Euro will be created featuring proud Frisian heritage such as; a Friesian horse, carbidschieten and a slow moving tractor.

9) A Frisian representative will be added to the UN.

10) Frisian embassies will be set up in all the major cities of the world.

11) Sloten will be declared the new capital of Friesland.

12) All websites hosted in Friesland will now end with ‘.fr’. Since this designation already belongs to France negotiations will be opened for them to change theirs.

13) A national Friesland day will be created.

14) The name ‘Friesland’ will be changed to ‘The Independent and Glorious Country of Fryslân’.

14 Jan

Breaking The Law In Holland

I have broken the law. I am a criminal. I might even be a master criminal. It is hard to tell at this moment since my criminal career has only just begun. However, there is no doubt that my downward spiral into a life of crime has begun.

I did not mean to break the law. My crime had not been planned. It happened by accident. However, there is no turning back now. I am forever tainted. I can no longer claim to be the innocent civilian that I once thought I was.

I will have to live with the crime I have committed for the rest of my life. Every day that I look in the mirror I will now see the face of a criminal staring back at me. I can never undo what I have done. My only hope is that those of you reading this will learn from my terrible crime…

I drove seven kph over the speed limit through a village in Friesland.

At the time I did not realize that I was driving seven kph over the speed limit or that my crime had been witnessed by a traffic camera for that matter. Never the less, from the moment it happened I was a lawbreaker on the run, a wanted man, a criminal at large… at least I was technically, until I paid the fine a few weeks later and my debt to society was fully repaid.

My family-in-law on the other hand are never going to let me forget. They are having too much fun making jokes about having a criminal in the family.

29 Jan
Dutch Queen Abdication
The Full Story of King Stu
12 Sep

A lot of people have contacted me today regarding an error with their voting cards for today’s general elections here in the Netherlands. I wish to apologize deeply for this mistake and have made the correction to the voting list here:

Thank you for your continued support.

If you wish to know more about my policies and exciting ideas you can check my previous ‘press releases’ here:
New Leadership
Election Mix-Up

31 Aug

Dear leaders of Holland’s various political parties,

I could not help but notice that you have all been working very hard and putting a lot of effort in to your campaigns. I have no doubt that you are all very excited about the upcoming elections and can’t wait to see which one of you will win. It is very nice indeed to see you all so motivated. However, I regret to bring to your attention that in your enthusiasm you seem to have forgotten one very important factor… I already took control of the country a few weeks ago.

I can only assume that there was some kind of mix up or you did not yet see the flyers I put up making the announcement. It does not matter. How this mistake happened is not important. The main thing is that you should not feel bad about it. We all make mistakes (you would not believe the amount I make daily) so please don’t blame yourselves. All I ask is that next time you double check who is ruling the country first before you get too carried away.

Since you’ve all worked so hard on your campaigns I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by simply calling the elections off. So as a solution I propose that I officially enter the elections and declare myself the winner at the end of it all. That way everyone saves face and we can continue as normal with me, an Englishman, ruling over Holland.

Thank you so much for your understanding. I really appreciate it.

Kind regards
Your leader

P.S – To keep things official I thought I would just share with you a few of the policies I am thinking of running with. Feel free to send me feedback and we can bounce some ideas back and forth:

1) Windmills for everyone! This initiative will solve both the housing and energy problem at the same time while also increasing to the Dutch ambiance of the country.

2) Open negotiations to have Holland’s next summer imported from Spain.

3) Outlaw and ban all mobile street organs (I am sorry but if I hear one more Abba hit or Disney song performed as organ music I’m going to lose it).

4) Begin a project to clean up and de-pollute the canals Amsterdam. Who knows what long lost treasures we might find down there.

5) Expand Sinterklaas’s jurisdiction to include all law enforcement (aka: naughty or nice checking) and reduce prison overcrowding by having convicted criminals dragged away by Zwarte Piet.

6) Officially ask the French to stop holding the Dutch flag the wrong way around.