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The Time I Was Almost Arrested By Dutch Police

Almost Arrested By Dutch Police

It took me by surprise when the police car suddenly pulled up alongside me. Two Dutch police officers quickly exited the vehicle with the determination of movie cops on their way to stop some nearby crime in progress. Looking around I didn’t see any bank robberies or shoot outs going on. The little Dutch village was quiet. When I looked back towards the two police officers I was slightly alarmed to see they were walking […]

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Frisian Independence

Frisian Independence

Dear people of Holland, As you know I successfully declared myself the king of your country sometime ago. This happened when I put up flyers around Amsterdam announcing the news and no one objected (thus making it official). It has been sometime since my last royal update so allow me to issue the following news. It has been over half a year since I relocated my royal residence to Friesland (from the royal apartment of […]

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Breaking The Law In Holland

I have broken the law. I am a criminal. I might even be a master criminal. It is hard to tell at this moment since my criminal career has only just begun. However, there is no doubt that my downward spiral into a life of crime has begun. I did not mean to break the law. My crime had not been planned. It happened by accident. However, there is no turning back now. I am […]

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Voting Card 2012

A lot of people have contacted me today regarding an error with their voting cards for today’s general elections here in the Netherlands. I wish to apologize deeply for this mistake and have made the correction to the voting list here: Thank you for your continued support. If you wish to know more about my policies and exciting ideas you can check my previous ‘press releases’ here: –New Leadership –Election Mix-Up

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