28 Oct
Halloween in Holland
“By the time we realized anything was wrong it was too late. Holland was the first to fall.”
Happy Halloween from Invading Holland.
1 Jan
May your New Year Day hangovers be kind.

I’d like to say a great big thank you to everyone for another great year. Thank you so much for all your support and for making writing so much fun. Without you this blog would not be half of what it has become.

Thank You!

And now that the year has comes to a close lets look back at some of the blogging highlights from the last twelve months:
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The Red Room

24 Dec
Have a great Christmas and see you in the New Year.
1 Jan

We made it everybody! It was touch and go there for a while with the whole Mayan Apocalypse thing but 2013 has arrived and so far does not seem to involve any zombie outbreaks, alien invasions or spontaneous planet combustion. I for one am delighted by this. Becoming a father made 2012 an amazing year for me and I could not be more excited to see what 2013 will bring.

Of course, it is always best to be prepared, so before we knew the out come of 2012 I created a back-up New Year’s cartoon… just in case.

I hope 2012 treated well and that you will have a fantastic 2013!

And now for some blogging highlights from the year just gone:
Warning Signs That You Are Becoming Dutch
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Shower Wars
– …And me… on the radio

24 Dec