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100 Expat Tips For Being Happy In Holland

100 Expat Tips For Being Happy In Holland

1) Hug a tall Dutch person. 2) Embrace the language mistakes. 3) Say the word gezellig as much as possible. 4) Go to gay pride parade even if you are not gay. 5) Visit the inside of a windmill. 6) Talk in a silly Dutch accent. 7) Put Hagelslag on chocolate spread. 8) Warm a Stroopwafel on top of your coffee or tea. 9) Drink a summer beer. 10) Walk on a frozen canal. 11) […]

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19 Strange Dutch Habits and Customs

If you’ve only just arrived in The Netherlands or been in the country for a while there are a lot of strange Dutch habits and traditions to discover. Here are just nineteen of the weird things the Dutch get up to. 1) Cycle everywhere without bike helmets Maybe it is cycling from a very early age that makes the Dutch very confident when it comes to getting about on two wheels. Not only are they […]

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Dutch New Year’s Celebration – Oliebollen and Explosions

Dutch New Years Title

Dutch New Year’s Celebration Grab an Oliebollen and some fireworks as we get ready to explore the unique madness of Dutch New Year’s Celebration (or as they call it; Oud en Nieuw). 1) Firing Off Lots of Fireworks Most countries celebrate New Year’s Eve by letting off a few fireworks. They might have a safely organised display of a few brightly coloured rockets. Parents might (responsibly) light the occasional sparkler with their children in the […]

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What is Rokjesdag In The Netherlands?


In the Netherlands there is only one true way to know when Spring has arrived. It is not the blooming of the first tulip or the birth of the first baby duckling. It is quite simply Rokjesdag. Rokjesdag (also known as skirt day) is the name given to the first day of the year when it becomes warm enough for Dutch ladies to start showing off their bare legs again as they once more begin […]

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Children’s Dutch Circle Party Tradition

Children's Dutch Circle Party

If you have spent any amount of time living in the Netherlands you’ve probably been invited to a Dutch Circle Party and thought that you have experienced the strangest thing the country has to offer. However, you would be wrong. It is true that a party where everyone sits in a circle, drinking tea or coffee while enjoying a slice of cake and a polite conversation with an elderly family member is strange, but it […]

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