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Secret Messages At Amsterdam Centraal

Secret Messages Amsterdam Centraal

Have you ever noticed how places such as train stations and airports sometimes hide secret messages within public announcements? They usually include a slightly unusual name which is in fact a code intended to communicate to the staff that there is a problem somewhere. For example, an innocent sounding announcement for a Mr Wolf to go to the main desk might actually be a message for security to run there as fast as possible because […]

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Frisian Swan

Frisian swan

Every morning I start my work day by travelling from the far away land of Friesland to my office in Amsterdam. This normally takes about two hours by train. Although it has resulted in most people thinking I’m crazy for wanting to live so far away it does give me lots of time to write, draw and re-watch the entire seven seasons of Buffy The Vampire Slayer with in just a few weeks. It’s time […]

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Personal Belongings

My morning train ride was going smoothly. The train had arrived on time, it was heading in the correct direction and I’d even managed to get a seat. As we arrived at our final destination the intercom crackled to life and the conductor started his routine announcement, first in his native language of Dutch and then in his not so native language of English. These announcements are often a source of amusement because the English […]

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Unintentionally Funny Train Announcement in Amsterdam

It was early in the morning and I was still half asleep. The train I was sitting in was already running late because of either a engine malfunction, leaves on the track or a space time anomaly. I was not sure which because, after all, I was still half asleep. The important thing to know was that it meant we were arriving in Amsterdam ten minutes later than normal. Being on a delayed train can […]

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Funny Dutch Train Announcements – Unexpected Landing

“Cabin crew to landing positions please. Cabin crew to landing positions.” I sit up suddenly, snapped out of my day dreaming by the unexpected announcement. What? Landing? How can we be landing now? “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We will shortly be arriving at Rotterdam central.” Rotterdam? I don’t even know if Rotterdam has an airport? How can we be landing there? What is going on? “The local time is 11:16pm. Weather […]

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