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How To Spot Tourists in Amsterdam


Every year thousands of tourists descend upon Amsterdam to explore the city and take in its many sights. They are usually easy to spot but it is not always their maps and suitcases that give them away. Sometimes there are more subtle signs that can be used to tell the tourists in Amsterdam apart from the locals. 11 ways to spot tourists in Amsterdam: 1) Tourists will be the only ones wearing any item of […]

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Claustrophobia – Wake Up

When I receive an email from someone offering to lock me in a room for an hour I am normally a little hesitant to reply. However, when the team from Claustrophobia invited me to play their latest escape room game (titled Wake Up) eager to let them do just that. I’ve always wanted to try an escape room game. The basic premise of an escape room is that you are locked in a room and […]

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Free Samples

As I walk through a particularly busy part of Amsterdam on my lunch break I notice two girls across the street. I’d seen them there several times before, every day in fact. They were always standing outside the shop where they work, both wearing aprons and holding a plate of free samples which they would offer to passers-by. At this particular moment on this particular day they had attracted the curiosity of a short middle […]

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An Ode to Holland

Ode to Holland

A Poem About The Netherlands By Stuart B Holland is a country without mountains, hills or even a slight bevel, That’s quite alarming when you consider everything is below sea level. The terrain is large, flat and rather featureless you see, That’s what happens when most of it is reclaimed from the sea. But never underestimate its importance in the euro zone, After all it’s where all the most beautiful tulips are grown. Oh… And […]

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The Trouble With Navigating Amsterdam

If Amsterdam was ever overrun by hostile forces, evil doers or ill wishers the inhabitance of the city would be able to rest easy in the knowledge that these invaders would not make much progress, quickly lose motivation, soon give up altogether and returned home in a very disgruntled mood. The reason for this cannot be attributed to any superior tactical advantage or any well designed fortifications that the city has. It is because of […]

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