Spring Time in Holland

Spring Time in Holland

The first snowflake of spring has fallen. The Easter bunny has wrapped up in his warmest scarf and woolliest jumper. The tulips have frozen and cute baby animals everywhere are huddling together for warmth. It must be spring time in Holland.

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  1. Celia says:

    Absolutely brilliant blog. Love it!

  2. Alison says:

    We had sun today in Utrecht, but we also had gale force, icy winds.

  3. dragon lady says:

    Just like England, including blossom on the trees. You will feel so at home next week.

  4. Lony says:

    Oh yes, same here, too!! We had snowfall like mad a few hours ago!!! Wind feels like -10 degrees. We probably can go in the garden next weekend and build some snow bunnies for the kids… ;-) Have a great weekend! Byeeeeeeeee x

  5. It was -5 degrees Celcius here when we woke up this morning, and “here” is about 1 1/2 hours West of Washington DC. It broke records for cold. We have two very brave daffodils showing a bit of yellow; the rest is still huddled away waiting for warmer weather. Let me just say, ik baal er van.

  6. VallyP says:

    It’s March in Europe folks. Anything can….and will….happen! I remember a few years ago having four seasons in one day in..guess what…March. I think it only feels so bad because winter started so early too. It’s been enough now! Let’s have some real spring now!

  7. I feel your pain. Two and a half weeks ago, the cherry trees in my area were starting to blossom. Then, a sudden snowfall quite literally nipped the flowers in the bud. –.–

  8. Moreover, the French have an expression for the month of March: “les giboulées de mars.” This means that the weather becomes manic-depressive. It could be sunny, rainy, then cold, all in the same day. :P

  9. Meta says:

    We dutch say: “Maart roert z’n staart”, which I think can be translated to “March stirs with it’s tail” Meaning that the weather can be very unprecictable, it can be cold with wintery showers. A very old but true saying.
    Oh, and be prepared; we also say “April doet wat ie wil”, which means “April does what it wants”. It shows that we have had weather like this many times before, still in April!

  10. dragon lady says:

    In England we say in like a lion out like a lamb and visa versa, which means if March stars with high winds the rnd of the month will be calm and visa versa.
    Also we say “April showers bring May flowers”
    Niether mention snow but I have seen it snow in March and April. The worst was in 1963 when it started snowing on Boxing day 62 and finally thawed at the end of march.
    Lets just hope we get a descent summer after all this

  11. johanna says:

    Eerste keer gezien we hebben er wel zin in lijkt leuk!!!!

  12. Winter, ehm… I’m afraid we have to let you go. says:

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