Old Comics: Meet Zak – Part 1

While sorting out the old junk in my parents attic recently I came across something that I had completely forgotten existed. Amongst the Star Wars action figures and Furbies was an old folder containing some old drawings of a cartoon character I came up with way back in 1992.

His name is Zak and he is a mischievous little alien kid that I first drew when I was 14. I drew quite a few comics featuring Zak which I always had the intention of doing something with but as I grew older I forgot about him… until now.

Since I’ve rediscovered my old Zak cartoons (and since I’m currently away on my honeymoon) I’ll be sharing them over the next few days. I hope you enjoy them. Say hello to Zak.




3 responses to “Old Comics: Meet Zak – Part 1”

  1. French Bean says:

    This is truly awesome, Stu. I cracked up with the zombie cartoon.

    Makes me wonder if some of my doodles are stored in a folder back in Miami.

    Anyway, I hope Paris isn’t too cold for you these days! Enjoy France to the max! ^.^

  2. VallyP says:

    Have a wonderful time you two!

  3. Juliana says:


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