Dutch Pickup Line

Dutch Pickup Line
This is what can happen if you try to use Dutch Pickup Line when you are not Dutch. This cartoon first appeared in the March/April edition of DUTCH:The Magazine, a bi-monthly magazine for Dutch descendants and expats living in Canada.

8 responses to “Dutch Pickup Line”

  1. VallyP says:

    Haha, Stu! Glad to hear your toons are flying the world and not just places by car :-)

  2. Diederik says:

    Maybe you should have tried it with Obama these days. I expect full a full report of your experience.

  3. Now I’m curious to know what the heck was said to that poor girl. “Your favorite T.V. show character has been killed off?”

  4. Likeahike says:

    Great to see yiur srawings reaching a wider audience. I agree with Barb though. It’s fun to think of all the pickup lines that can send you running in the opposite direction.

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