How To Light A Dutch Barbecue

Dutch Barbecue
The secret of a Dutch Barbecue – This cartoon first appeared in the July/August edition of DUTCH:The Magazine

It’s time once again for the annual Invading Holland summer break. I’ll be taking a short break from writing to rest, recharge, catch up on a few things and spend some extra time with the family. But fear not; in a few weeks I will return to share more of my crazy adventures in Holland.

Until then, have a great summer and see you all again soon.

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7 responses to “How To Light A Dutch Barbecue”

  1. Marike says:

    have a great summer With your loveones !

  2. Lopa says:

    Enjoy your summer break.

  3. AQK1982 says:

    Have fun! (and be safe :-))

  4. And be sure to stay away from any barbecues during your break, lest you wish to singe your eyebrows off. (Have a great summer!)

  5. dragonlady says:

    Have great Holiday Stuart, see you in August.

  6. ora says:

    I wish that all of us, will make the most out of our two weeks of summer :) (two weeks if we are lucky) :)

  7. Vallypee says:

    No doubt the barbecuing will be getting some practice….:)

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