Back To Holland – The Invasion Continues

Back To Holland

Most smugglers travel from Holland to other destinations with their illegal cargo. However, when I flew back into Holland on Sunday night I was smuggling supplies into the country instead. The flight itself was already a bit worrying when the plane hit heavy turbulence as it came into land but then I had to agonize about what would happen if customs stopped me as I collected my luggage. If they searched my suitcase they would have discovered that I was smuggling the finest British herbs into their country. Something so addictive it has millions of British people hooked. I was smuggling English Tea Bags, strictly for personal use of course. I was also carrying curry paste and catnip (for the cat not me).

There are some things that you simply can not find in Holland. So when ever I am back in England I stock up on supplies, cram them all into my suit case and wonder how confused the baggage handlers will get when they x-ray my luggage. However, I doubt it is as strange as the time my electric shaver somehow turned on in my suitcase during the flight.

My last few days in England were busy but fun. I went out to see my college friends who still joke about all the accident prone things I got up to as a student (I’ll tell some of those stories here some day). I also caught up with my old flat mate and even helped one of my friends and his girlfriend move into their first home.

Now that I am back in Holland I’ve lost most of my ability to eavesdrop on other peoples conversations. I also have to get used to being back at work again. I’ve already sorted through the thousand e-mails that were sent while I was away and deleted the nine hundred and ninety nine that were not for me.

I usually return to England for a little while every few months. My next trip is planned for Christmas. Hopefully the tea bags I secretly smuggled into the country will last that long. If they doesn’t I might be reduced to using the catnip.

18 responses to “Back To Holland – The Invasion Continues”

  1. vallyP says:

    Oh yes, stu, I’m also a bootlegger. I smuggle in that other well known addictive substance that has me curled up with the DT’s once I’ve finished it – real Chedder Cheese! And I don’t mean that stuff you get in vacuum packed plastic, which just tastes like a coloured version of the wrapping. I mean the real Mccoy with the rind on! Luckily, I’m not a tea drinker, so don’t miss out there, but I’m told Dutch tea just isn’t the same.

  2. vallyP says:

    Your feat (yes, correct spelling!) is greater than mine, Stu. How on earth did you manage to miss Queen’s day for three years???

  3. Invader_Stu says:

    vallyP – I was always in england on that day smuggling more supplies :p

  4. an englishman in osaka says:

    Ah that reminds me, I must get some tea bags sent over. For the cat, not me.

  5. BlondebutBright says:

    You’re right about the English tea bags – I know many a Brit that does the same.

    I’m still hooked on many self-care products from the US, even after all these years: deodorant, face lotion, shampoo, you name it.

  6. Alan says:

    It used to be Heinz Baked Beans for me. These foreigners just don’t know how to bake a decent bean.

  7. roxanne says:

    I used to smuggle fresh fruit across the California border. I’m SOOO bad.

  8. Invader_Stu says:

    An englishman in osaka – I’ll sell you some. 50 euros per tea bag.

    BlondebutBright – My dad takes it to the extreme. When ever he visits he always has tea bags in his jacket pocket so when we eat in a Dutch restaurant he can use his own tea bag instead of theirs.

    Alan – I didn’t start liking baked beans until after I moved to Holland. Shamefully, I have not tried Heinz Baked Beans yet.

    Roxanne – I’m calling the FBI and telling :p

  9. Matt says:

    Curry paste?! villain! You wanna be makin your own my friend! Better still just cook from scratch ;) I posted ‘Matt’s Magnificant Curry Recipe’ a while ago, will dig out the link. May need to alter the kick though, it’s quite spikey ;)

  10. vallyP says:

    Have just been regaling my latest crop of first year students about your blog…you might get some new visitors…they ddidn’t seem to know what a blog was..can you believe that? 19 year olds too! Makes you wonder where they’ve been hiding ;-)

  11. Piggy says:

    I am moving to the Netherlands in January,,,,can you give me some more hints to what I need to pack….THanks

  12. Invader_Stu says:

    Matt – I bow my head in shame. I have dishonoured myself and my kitchen.

    vallyP – Next they will say they don’t know what the internet is :p Thanks for telling them about my blog. I feel honoured :)

    Piggy – Sure. I’ll put together a post about it and put it up during the week. Where are you moving from?

  13. Piggy says:

    I am moving somewhere around Rotterdam. My husband’s job is the cause of the transfer. I worry about what to bring to make my childrens life a little easier. I wonder about the best place to buy all of the small appliances that I will have to purchase in order to cook.

  14. Invader_Stu says:

    No problem. I’ll put together a post about moving to Holland and the kind of things you might need to know :)

  15. sociolingo says:

    Yep, I’m a smuggler too! We brought 1 kg of Marmite back with us to Mali. Plus assorted T bags – especially Earl Grey.

    There’s always a frisson of excitement (or panic or something) coming through customs!

  16. Latina says:

    Smuggler too here!-for me?chorizo from spain and avocados from south america. not to mention proper tea leaves :)

  17. Invader_Stu says:

    Its time to tell you all now that I am an under cover customs officer and you are all under arrest.

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