Alex de Leeuw in London

Alex de Leeuw in London

Today our famous guessed writer Alex de Leeuw returns to tell us all about his Christmas adventures in the land of red buses and phone boxes which is otherwise known as my home city of London. Since Alex only a young lion and can only speak Dutch I have translated everything into English for him.

Alex de Leeuw in London First Time
Met Kerst namen Stuart en zijn vriendin mij mee naar Londen. Het was mijn eerste keer.
For Christmas Stuart and his girlfriend took me to London. It was my first time there.

Alex de Leeuw in London Underground
Wij reisden door Londen met de metro. Het is erg ingewikkeld.
We traveled on the London underground. It is very complex.

Alex de Leeuw in London McD
Ik dronk een milkshake bij McDonalds. Het was net als een Nederlandse McDonalds, alleen was alles in het Engels.
I had a milkshake in McDonalds. It was like a Dutch McDonalds, only everything was in English.

Alex de Leeuw in London Trafalgar Square
Ik zag Trafalgar Square…
I saw Trafalgar Square…

Alex de Leeuw in London Christmas Tree
…en een hele grote kerstboom…
… and a really big Christmas tree…

Alex de Leeuw in London Snowman
…en hele grote sneeuwmannen…
… and some really really big snowmen…

Alex de Leeuw in London Cracker
Met Kerst hadden we een echt Engels diner. Een kalkoen en Christmas Crackers
On Christmas day we had an English Christmas Turkey dinner with Christmas crackers.

Alex de Leeuw in London Climb
Ik heb gehoord dat Engelse mensen hun cadeautjes boven in de boom stoppen dus ik klom naar boven om ze te zoeken.
I heard that English people put presents on top of the tree so I climbed up to look for them.

Alex de Leeuw in London Under
Oeps. Nee dat doen ze niet. Ze leggen ze onder de boom. Hier zijn ze. Zijn ze allemaal voor mij?
Oops. No they don’t. They put them under the tree. Here they are. Are they all for me?


To find out more about Alex and read his other adventures check out the Alex de Leeuw section.

12 responses to “Alex de Leeuw in London”

  1. Aisling says:

    These are the cutest entries!! I’m glad Alex had a good Christmas (and I hope you did, too, Stu!).

  2. VallyP says:

    Cuuuute. I’m so glad Alex enjoyed his Christmas in England. He looks vry fetching in his rucksack and the London lights must have been very special for me. Did he eat all that dinner? My, what a noble lion! I take it you enjoyed your Christmas with Alex and the girlfriend too Stu >

  3. Alison says:

    Yay! I’m glad Alex is back! I hope he (and you) enjoyed the trip and the holidays.

  4. A Touch of Dutch Blog says:

    This is great & very cute photos! It’s great to see the guy exploring London ;-) Happy New Year!

  5. Invader Stu says:

    Aisling – Thank you. We all did :)

    VallyP – He really enjoyed all the lights and he eat all the meal plus desert. We all had a good time.

    Alison – I was glad he was able to come with us too.

    Isabella – Thank you. Happy New Year.

  6. kiki says:

    Does this mean you found a new Alex? The one Luke found?

  7. Aledys Ver says:

    How cute is that Alex with its runsack!! Lovely Christmas dinner and tree! Did you have as much fun as Alex? :o)

  8. Invader Stu says:

    Kiki – There is a bit of a story there ;)

    Aledys Ver – It is hard to measure who had the most fun but a lot of fun was had.

  9. zed says:

    Damn you, Stu, for being on my mind when I went shopping today. I only went and bought a pot of crunchy Speculoos spread. Now I have to find somebody who will eat it.

    Gah ;-)

  10. Invader Stu says:

    *holding hand really high in the air*
    Me! Me! Pick Me! I’ll Eat it! Oooowwwww!

  11. zed says:

    Come and get it….. ;)

  12. Invader Stu says:

    Ok. But don’t be surprised when your door bell suddenly rings later tonight.

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