Alex de Leeuw: Day One in Amsterdam

Alex de Leeuw

This week we have our first guest writer. Say hello to Alex the Lion. Alex lives in the class room where my girlfriend teaches and he spends his weekends staying with the children so that they can write about the adventures they have together. The children asked me to look after Alex for a week so I could show him around Amsterdam. Since Alex is Dutch I have translated his writings into English.

Hello. Mijn naam is Alex de Leeuw en ik ben een leeuw. Ik ga op vakantie naar Amsterdam met Stuart.
Hello. My name is Alex the Lion and I am a lion. I went on holiday to Amsterdam with Stuart.

Alex de Leeuw 1
Hier kijk ik naar de trein tijden.
Here I am checking the train times.

Alex de Leeuw 2
… maar waar is de trein?
… but where is the train?

Alex de Leeuw 3
… oh, hier komt de trein.
… oh, here comes the train.

Alex de Leeuw 4
Ik zit in de trein naar Amsterdam.
Me sitting in the train to Amsterdam.

Alex de Leeuw 5
Hier ben ik bij Stuart z’n werk.
Here I am outside Stuart’s office.

Alex de Leeuw 6
Ik heb dorst.
I am thirsty.

Alex de Leeuw 7
Ik help Stuart met het maken van computer spelletjes.
Me helping Stuart make computer games.

Alex de Leeuw 8
Dit is de muziek studio. Ik doe de stemmen van het computer spel.
This is the recording studio. I recorded some voices for the game.

Alex de Leeuw 9
Ik ga slapen na een drukke dag.
After a busy day I went to bed.


We will have more from Alex during the week. When you leave a comment for him please remember that he is a very young Dutch lion (keep it clean).

17 responses to “Alex de Leeuw: Day One in Amsterdam”

  1. Isabella says:

    How cute is this! Cool of you to share here for them, but also great you have translated what Alex has to say :-)

  2. Canucky Woman says:

    But Stu! Didn’t the poor critter get anything to eat that whole busy day? You could at least have taken him to Febo! ;-)

  3. Invader Stu says:

    Isabella – It was actually Alex who asked me to put it up on my blog as well :)

    Canucky Woman – Of course he did. I am not that cruel :) Here is the photo that didn’t make it in:

  4. thamarai says:

    cuutte!! :) I hope to see more of Alex…

  5. Jase says:

    That’s very brave of you to show him around — even the young lions can get a little rough sometimes. I reckon he’d love a trip to the Amsterdam Zoo!

  6. Invader_Stu says:

    Thamarai – No worries there. You will be :)

    Jase – That’s a good idea. I don’t think he has been there yet.

  7. hannyb says:


  8. hannyb says:

    (an acronym yet to catch on — Giggle Out Loud)

  9. Aledys Ver says:

    How cute! :) Lovely photos of Alex de leeuw @ work!

  10. Invader Stu says:

    hannyb – I’ll make sure it catches on here :)

    Aledys Ver – Thanks :)

  11. VallyP says:

    Wat leuk! Je bent een heel gelukkige leeuw, Alex, maar pas op! Amsterdam is een mooie stad maar een beetje gevaarlijk, vooral met Stu ;-)

    That’s my tuppence worth in Dutch for your young friend..hehe!

  12. Wendi says:

    Alex, how do you keep your fur so shiny and full?

  13. – VallyP:
    Dank je. Ik zal zorgvuldig met Stuart in Amsterdam proberen te zijn.
    (Thank you. I will try to be careful with Stuart in Amsterdam.)

    – Wendi:
    Ik gebruik de wasmachine. Het is pret.
    (I use the washing machine. It is fun.)

  14. Lily says:

    Leuk! :)

    Was er een vertraging met jouw trein, Alex?

  15. Lily:
    Nee. Ik had geluk….en jonge leeuwen krijgen korting.
    (No. I was lucky… And young Lions get an extra discount.)

  16. Dragonlady says:

    Its brilliant to see Alex again.

  17. Rose DesRochers says:

    Alex got to go to work with you? How cool is that.

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