The Gym Pass Mix Up

Gym Pass

This weekend I swung into decisive action and started one of my New Years Resolutions, it was time to return to the gym. There are people out there that will tell you it is impossible to improve upon perfection but I was dam well going to give it a go because that is the kind of man I am. I grasped my gym pass from its resting place on my DVD shelf, wiped off the two months of dust and put it into my wallet. I packed my amazingly stylish gym outfit and set off into the world while radiating more charisma then all the James Bonds combined.

I strode into the gym with more commanding presence then a Spartan warrior who had just won the life time achievement for manliness. I knew in my mind that women wanted me and men wanted to be me (maybe a few of them wanted me as well). I walked directly up to the man behind the front desk and pulled out my gym pass with lightening fast reflexes.

He looked at my gym pass.

He looked me in the eyes.

I looked him in the eyes.

He looked at my pass again.

He looked me in the eyes again and said, “Well… I can try scanning it into the computer. You might get some points.”

I looked down at what was in my hand. I thought I had been holding my gym pass which looks like this:

However, I had picked up the wrong card when I left the house and was in fact showing him my Albert Heijn supermarket reward card which looks like this:


Despite my mistake I think I have discovered an area where the gym is missing an opportunity. Maybe more people would go to the gym if they knew they could get a free tin of beans or rolls of toilet paper for every few miles they run on the jogging machine.

15 responses to “The Gym Pass Mix Up”

  1. Amanda says:


  2. BlondebutBright says:

    So did he let you in? I joined a gym too this month – it’s packed with new years resolutioners!

  3. Seb says:


  4. mub says:

    You know, when I worked retail in the US, you’d be shocked at how many people tried to PAY with their “bonus” cards from the supermarket. Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

  5. Anneke says:

    Haha! Happens to me all the time! I’ve got way too many cards and “id”s to keep them apart.

  6. Ana Luisa says:

    Can’t really make fun of you, because I once tried to get money from the ATM with my Dutch ID… Lucky me the thing didn’t get eaten by the damn machine.

  7. Invader Stu says:

    BlondebutBright – They know me so they let me in.

    mub – I’ve seen it happen as well :)

    Anneke – My problem was I had just the one with me and it was the wrong one.

    Ana Luisa – I’ve done something like that before as well.

  8. sophie says:

    bbppfhahaha!!! this is absolutely hilarious!! :-D

  9. Tess says:

    If you would wear your ‘amazingly stylish gym outfit’ next time you go to the Albert Heijn and flash your gym card at the till, would you get something like 10 bonus rounds running on top of the conveyor belt? :p

    (I’m sure you would get a lot of attention *hehe*)

  10. Bemused says:

    And that’s why I don’t make NY resolutions! ;)

  11. Dragonlady says:

    Don’t worry Stuart, I have tried to pay for my shopping at Savacentre (the British equivilant of Albert Heijs) with my reward card.

  12. suus says:

    The solution is simple.Build a gym in the supermarket. I can see it clearly: work out till you’re almost dropping dead, and then buy beer and snacks.

  13. Invader Stu says:

    sophie – Thanks

    Tess – It’s worth a try

    Bemused – I make too many

    suus – Sounds good to me :)

    Dragonlady – I’ve heard of that happening a lot

  14. Naskdroryday says:

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  15. Amelia says:

    [My first commment here!!]

    I’m with Mub. Absolutely by coincedence and no joke, I just tried to pay AT Albert Heijn today with my AH bonus card instead of my bank pass.

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