Hello. My name is Stuart

…and I’m an accident prone Englishman living in The Netherlands (aka: Holland).

I never actually intended to move to The Netherlands. I didn’t even intend to leave London to be honest. My surprise relocation was the result of replying to a cryptic job advertisement that I discovered in a local magazine one day. My suspicions should have been raised by the fact that it didn’t contained any of the important details such advertisements usually contain, such as an address, a phone number or any general indication as to which country it was in. However, I simply replied to the .com email address assuming the job was located somewhere within England (hopefully within bus distance of London). To my surprise, a month later, I found myself standing in the middle of Amsterdam with a suitcase full of clothes and no idea what I was doing. That was over fifteen years ago.

Since that day I have fallen in love with the country and its inhabitants (so much so that I eventually married one of them and started a family). I’ve also continued my career in the games industry and I started this blog where I share my many strange adventures of language misunderstandings, cultural confusion (which in some ways has become only greater now that I have a Dutch family-in-law) and my own accident prone nature.

Are you really that accident prone?
Oh yes. Apart from unintentionally moving to another country I’ve been trapped in an elevator within a deserted building without any means of communication with the outside world. I’ve spent an entire night, wondering around lost in the surrounding areas of Amsterdam without realizing I was doing so on a broken ankle. I’ve had my eye lashes unintentionally dyed and I once ended up bleeding in a police station when an attempt to make a sandwich went horribly wrong. And that is just a few of the many stories.

Can you speak Dutch?
My attempts to learn Dutch were very slow at first. It’s a very difficult language. I can now speak Dutch well enough to have a conversation with a real live Dutch person while also leaving open the possibility of embarrassment and/or the creation of an international incident.

Do you draw all the cartoons yourself?
I do. I never knew that they would become such a big part of the blogs identity when I started but I am very happy that they have. I draw all my cartoons in photoshop and you can even get your very own custom Invading Holland cartoon by visiting the shop page.

Is there any way we can work with you or collaborate with you?
Of course. Just send me a message we can discuses it farther.

How can we get in touch with you?
You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or simply send me an email.

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