27 Mar

I have some very exciting news. So exciting in fact that it is taking all my focus and concentration to write coherent sentences instead of simply resorting to loud cheering noises while fist pumping the air (which I would still do if it was not for the fact that that would look very weird written down).

Basically the exciting news is this; Invading Holland has won. Thanks to your amazing help and support Invading Holland has won the Best European Blog category of the 2013 Bloggies. I owe each and every one of you a huge thank you.

If it was not for the fact that I am already married and a father I would say this is the happiest day of my life but I cannot say such things without getting into a lot of trouble. So instead lets agree that this achievement ranks somewhere below my wedding day and the birth of my daughter but much higher than the time I broke my ankle… And that I am extremely happy and honoured.

I was not the only Holland based expat blog to make it to the finals this year either. Also nominated were Like a Sponge and Nomad Mum. Proof that we are not just taking over Holland but the rest of Europe too.

In closing; if you are a long term reader, a short term reader or even a medium term reader; Thank You.

And if you are finding this blog for the first time… Hello. My name is Stuart, accident prone Englishman and self proclaimed King of Holland. Nice to meet you. Welcome to my strange little corner of the internet.

23 Mar
Dutch Spring

The first snowflake of spring has fallen. The Easter bunny has wrapped up in his warmest scarf and woolliest jumper. The tulips have frozen and cute baby animals everywhere are huddling together for warmth. Spring has truly arrived in Holland.

13 Mar
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4 Mar

Becoming Dutch

Have you been living in Holland for a while? Do you think you might be becoming Dutch or do you think you might actually be Dutch? Here is part two of our warning signs to look out for.

You Might Be Becoming Dutch If…

(Part 2)

1) You are familiar with and have used the two tone sigh.

2) You enthusiastically over extend the word ‘Goedaaaaaaaaaa’ until you’ve figured out what time of day it is and whether you should end with morgen, middag or avond.

3) You consider ice cream toppings on bread a healthy breakfast.

4) You are no longer impressed by windmills.

5) You have a calendar hanging in the toilet which contains the birthdays of all your friends and family.

6) Your throat no longer hurts when you try to pronounce any Dutch words containing the letter G.

7) You regularly use the Dutch word ‘dus(‘so’) to communicate a wide variety of thoughts and emotions, without feeling the need to put it into a full sentence.

8) You no longer pause to consider what a frikandel is made of before eating it.

9) You know what a kroket is and know to avoid the orange ones.

10) You’ve started making your own sandwiches to take to the office (but often eat them on the train).

11) The Albert Heijn layout has started to makes sense.

12) You have used your bicycle to transport one or more of the following: an item of furniture, a mattress, a suit case, a crate of beer, another bicycle, newly purchased electrical equipment, the weekly shopping or other large objects.

13) You consider 15 degrees warm and will happily have a barbeque under such conditions.

14) When you speak Dutch the Dutch actually reply in Dutch.

15) You are aware that it is ‘The Netherlands’ and not ‘Holland’.

16) You no longer freak out and start to panic in front of your friends when the emergence alarms are tested at the start of the month.

17) You are able to eat more than two oliebollen in a day.

18) You own, have owned or know someone who owns a caravan.

19) You’ve started using strange sign language to indicate when something is ‘lekker’.

20) You never lose hope about the Elfstedentocht.

For more warning signs that you might be becoming Dutch check out part 3.