Monthly Archives: February 2013

Expats Blog Interview

A few weeks ago I was asked by the people from to take part in one of their Expats Blog Interview. Naturally I jumped at the chance (while trying keep my calm British composure). “Stuart’s transition from Britain to The Netherlands didn’t exactly go to plan. In fact, it wasn’t even part of the plan. That’s what happens when you are a self-declared accident prone Englishman. Originally from London Stuart has spent over the […]

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Speculoos Relapse

Many of the long term readers will already know the story of my long and difficult struggle with Speculoos addiction. For a long time I was powerless against the desire and the uncontrollable need for its delicious goodness. My addiction to the Speculoos sandwich paste was particularly bad. When the addiction was at its worst I was on two, sometimes three jars of the stuff a month. Sometimes the need would get so bad that […]

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Crazy Dutch Apartments – The Red Room

There are some very unique places to live in Amsterdam but possibly none as unique as the apartment I first lived in when I arrived in the country. OF all the crazy Dutch apartments I have seen it remains the craziest. It had all the features you might expect to find in a typical Amsterdam apartment; stairs so steep they could be reclassified as a ladder, a slightly un-trust worthy looking cylindrical gas heater that […]

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