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An Ode to Holland

Ode to Holland

A Poem About The Netherlands By Stuart B Holland is a country without mountains, hills or even a slight bevel, That’s quite alarming when you consider everything is below sea level. The terrain is large, flat and rather featureless you see, That’s what happens when most of it is reclaimed from the sea. But never underestimate its importance in the euro zone, After all it’s where all the most beautiful tulips are grown. Oh… And […]

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2013 Bloggies – Nomination Round

People of Holland! Your leader needs you! … and all expats, tourists, visitors, people from other countries that are not Holland and everybody else (although I’m not technically ‘your’ leader I would really appreciate your help too). You might recall that, last year, thanks to your amazing help and support I was privileged enough to be nominated in The Best European Blog category of the 2012 bloggies (also known as the Weblog Awards). Although I […]

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