29 Jan
Dutch Queen Abdication
The Full Story of King Stu
22 Jan

A Poem About The Netherlands
By Stuart B

Holland is a country without mountains, hills or even a slight bevel,
That’s quite alarming when you consider everything is below sea level.

The terrain is large, flat and rather featureless you see,
That’s what happens when most of it is reclaimed from the sea.

But never underestimate its importance in the euro zone,
After all it’s where all the most beautiful tulips are grown.

Oh… And calling it Holland can make the locals quite stressed,
It’s The Netherlands. Not just that province to the West.

Tourists often come for a weekend full of booze,
But leave with a pair of souvenir wooden shoes.

The drugs here are legal and can provide a lot of thrills,
But is there really anything better than visiting one of the many windmills?

During the winter the climate can be cold and rather freezing,
But the Dutch do not mind, they find this rather pleasing.

In fact the Dutch spend the whole summer waiting,
For the winter, Elfstedentocht and a chance of ice skating.

I like living in Holland. I think it is very pleasant and rather nice,
Even considering Amsterdam is overrun and controlled by mice.

But never forget that the country is completely flat,
And if the dykes ever break we’ll all get een beetje nat!

15 Jan

11 Jan

2 Jan


People of Holland!

Your leader needs you!

… and all expats, tourists, visitors, people from other countries that are not Holland and everybody else (although I’m not technically ‘your’ leader I would really appreciate your help too).

You might recall that, last year, thanks to your amazing help and support I was privileged enough to be nominated in The Best European Blog category of the 2012 bloggies (also known as the Weblog Awards). Although I didn’t win being nominated alone was amazing and resulted in me being in the newspaper, on the radio and even on television.

Now it is time for the 2013 bloggie awards and I wish to ask for your help once more as I try to repeat last year’s success. The more nomination a blog receive the better its chances of getting into the next round. So here is how you can help:

Step 1: Click Link
Click on this link which will take you directly to the Best European Blog category of the 2013 Bloggies: http://2013.bloggi.es/#european

Step 2: Nomination Selection
Enter the name and web address of your three (or more) favourite blogs (in any catagory). Hopefully one of them is www.invadingholland.com in the Best European Blog catagory. I would be very grateful if it is.

Step 3: Email Confirmation
Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter your email address and submit your nomination. Then check your email for a nomination confirmation (you might need to check your spam folder). This step is very important. If you don’t click the link in this email your nomination is not actually registered.

Step 4: Share
Share this information with friends, family, colleagues, pets, strangers on the street and everyone else in-between.You can also do this by using the share buttons at the bottom of this post.

In return you will receive my eternal thanks and gratitude which comes with an official certificate and lifetime guarantee. Leave your email address in the comment to receive yours (it’s real).

The nomination round closes on January the 27th until February the 24th when voting for the winner begins. check back here then for more information. If you would like more information about the rules and procedure click here.