Monthly Archives: November 2012

Writing A Letter to Sinterklaas

In order to get the official answer to a few of the questions I have pondered in previous posts I did this… Do you think he will answer? I didn’t specifically mentioned that I am a 33 year old man and not a small child but I believe it is implied through the use of language and grammar. Check out the reply I got a few days later.

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Life on Mars

This week NASA revealed that the Mars Rover ‘Curiosity’ has discovered something big. Something huge! Something for the history books! Something that will blow our minds!… But they are are not telling us what it is yet. Although the discovery will not be made public until December I for one wish to welcome to our new alien overlords. Normally I would not write about this kind of thing on my blog but I could not […]

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Warning Signs That You Are Becoming English

Becoming English

Previously I shared a few of the warning signs for expats to look out for if they think they are starting to become Dutch. But what about the Dutch themselves? Could they also be influenced by all of us English expats moving into their country? Do you think you might be becoming English? It’s very possible. Here are a few early warning signs that might indicate you are starting to become English. You Might Be […]

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