Monthly Archives: May 2012

Live Blogging – Euro Vision Semi Final

This is a completely improvised blog post, written live during the euro vision song contest semi final (Now Updated with links): “Wow. I really believe these presenters are improvising everything they are saying. It sounds so spontaneous and not painfully rehearsed at all.” “I think Jamiroquai had a sex change and is singing for Holland.” “I would have loved to have been at the meeting were that one Malta singer pitched yellow trousers as a […]

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Warning Signs That You Are Becoming Dutch

Spend any amount of time in Holland and you are bound to pick up a few habits from the locals. It’s good to become integrated but here are a few warning signs to look out for that might mean you are becoming Dutch. You Might Be Becoming Dutch If… (Part 1) 1) You no longer freak out when someone reminds you that the entire country is below sea level. 2) You’ve forgotten what hills and […]

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The Special Englishman – When Speaking Dutch Goes Wrong

Special Englishman

Dutch is a very difficult language to understand but I was determined to master it this time. Since our arrival I had only spoken in Dutch. I had not spoken a word of English (or any other non Dutch language for that matter). I was deeply proud of this achievement even if it meant that I had not actually said much of anything yet. It still counts. We (my wife and I) were visiting a […]

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