Monthly Archives: March 2012

Filming an Interview with BNN – Part 2

Filming the interview with BNN continued. After a few more takes of crossing the road and dodging traffic it was time for the next setup; demonstrating the difficulties of learning Dutch when speaking to Dutch people. After giving me my directions for the scene the camera crew left to get set up out of sight again… Quite far out of sight in fact, at the end of a very busy street… A very busy street […]

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Filming an Interview with BNN – Part 1

It is an normal Amsterdam evening. The city is alive with people rushing around from one place to another. I am standing at a zebra crossing surrounded by a small group of unsuspecting pedestrians, all of us waiting to cross the busy road in front of us. Time pass, cars honk their horns, trams rattle along their tracks and cyclists cycle by. We wait. Eventually the green light gives us the signal that it is […]

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Sleep Talking Conversationalist

As I quietly sneak into the bedroom I carefully close the door behind me, slowly, gently, desperately trying not to make a sound. It is late, my wife is already asleep and I do not wish to disturb her from her peaceful rest. I tip toe across the room with all the stealth of a ninja while constantly checking that she is still sleeping. I have almost made it to my side of the bed […]

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Funny Dutch Train Announcements – Unexpected Landing

“Cabin crew to landing positions please. Cabin crew to landing positions.” I sit up suddenly, snapped out of my day dreaming by the unexpected announcement. What? Landing? How can we be landing now? “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We will shortly be arriving at Rotterdam central.” Rotterdam? I don’t even know if Rotterdam has an airport? How can we be landing there? What is going on? “The local time is 11:16pm. Weather […]

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