Monthly Archives: January 2012

No Hands

“I am a man!” Nearby co-workers turned their heads as I strolled into the office with great pride and triumph booming from my voice. They we are all obviously deeply curious and jealous about whatever achievement had caused me to display such manly pride. “What is it this time?” One of them asked. “I have just successfully figured out how to ride my bicycle with no hands.” I waved my hands as I relayed the […]

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Embarrassing Socks

I’d been on the treadmill for nearly 20 minutes and was in need of a shower. Re-joining a gym had made me very happy. Not only was I already feeling the benefits of daily exercise but it also had the extra benefit of addressing some of the ‘compliments’ recently given to me by my wife. They were nice compliments. Everyone loves compliments but when they are about your growing laundry folding or ironing skills you […]

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Tales From the Red Light District – The Banana Bar

Red Light District Banana Bar

I was very excited about having my first visitor in Holland. Since I had only been in the country for a short while myself I had not had much time do a lot of the more touristy things yet. Showing someone else around seemed like a great opportunity to do so. It was also great because the visitor was Neil, my best friend from College who was also very excited about visiting Holland. Museums, art galleries, […]

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Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year from time zone GMT+1 Blog Highlights of 2011: – The Lie that Got Out Of Control – Do I Look Like A Pimp? – The Lost Bike – Unknown Delay – Stuart Smash – How To Identify A Dutch Circle Party

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