Monthly Archives: December 2011

Happy Christmas 2011

Wife:2 – Husband:0 Invading Holland will be taking a short break during the busy Christmas holiday and will return in the New Year. Have an amazing Christmas and brilliant New Year. ———— For more Christmas posts check out Alex in the snow and The Ebenezer Scrooge Timeline

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Surviving Pakjesavond

Pakjesavond. 11:47pm. Friesland. As I was handed the mysterious and brightly wrapped Sinterklaas gift I knew something was up. The giggling and sniggers my family-in-law were unsuccessfully trying to contain were a dead giveaway. I opened the poem (which as it turned out was not a poem) attached to the gift and started to read it aloud as is the custom. “Hello everybody. My name is Stuart.” I instantly felt nervous. It is never a […]

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New Leadership: Update

It’s been a week since I announced myself as the new leader of Holland and so far there have been no ‘official’ complaints. I take this as a sign that the Dutch government is happy to accept the change. I have already started to construct a new government by offering fellow blogger Barb (French Bean) the position of minister for transport (it happened in the comments so it’s official and legally binding). Pop on over […]

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