Monthly Archives: July 2011

Wie is De Mol?

Wie is de mol

“Patrick! That was Patrick!” I shouted enthusiastically to my group of friends as I franticly pointed towards the man who had just walked into the very same cafe which we were sitting outside of. I expected them to all share my excitement but instead I was met with blank looks of confusion. Normally I would not get so excited by a guy called Patrick walking into a cafe but I recognised him from the Dutch […]

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What Happened When I Lost My Bike in Amsterdam

“On the bright side, at least this means I am finally fully integrated.” I said cheerfully. My wife did not seem to share my enthusiasm. We were standing in front of an empty bike rack. However, it was not supposed to be empty. It was supposed to contain a bike. My bike. But it did not. We were house sitting for friends in Amsterdam while they were on holiday and it was the bike rack […]

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Alex Goes To The Efteling

Today our young guest writer Alex de Leeuw is very excited to tell us all about his visit to The Efteling with myself, my wife and my parents who were over visiting from England. ————————————————— Vandaag was ik heel erg blij! We zijn naar de Efteling geweest, mijn favoriete pretpark in Nederland, misschien wel van de hele wereld. – Today I was so happy. We went to the Efteling, my best and favourite theme park […]

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Trapped In A Train For Four Hours

To fully understand this story and the length of the train delay it chronicles it is important to know that the Fyra train travels between Rotterdam and Amsterdam via Schiphol every day, twice an hour. It is vitally important to know that it does this journey just in forty minutes which is twenty minutes faster than regular trains which cover the same distance in just over an hour. It is because of this that the […]

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I am a Man!

I am a man

Today I did the manly-est thing ever known! No one has ever come close to being as manly as I have upon this day in the entire history of world. Early cave men who sat around their newly discovered ‘fire’ while eating raw meat from the bones of their prey used to tell each other stories about the day they might be even half as manly as this. Throughout the whole of history great men […]

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