2 Jun
Categories: The Blog

You might have noticed that things have been a little quite around here during the last two weeks. This is because I have been as busy as a busy person with a lot of busy things to do. Between work, other projects, fixing up the house to get buyers interested (anyone want to buy a house in the Rotterdam area?) and my parents visiting very soon I have not had and won’t have a whole lot of time to put fingers to keyboard and write my usual weekly(ish) blog post.

Since I’m loathed to just rush stuff out (anyone who knows me in real life will know I am a freakishly over the top perfectionist) I’ve decided to take a short break. Even bloggers need a holiday.

But fear not! It will just be for a few weeks. Normal blogging service will continue as soon as things quietened down a little bit again around here. I just didn’t want to leave you all thinking my silence meant I had been kidnapped by pirates or aliens or pirate aliens or something like that.

In the mean time you can still follow me on Twitter and Facebook where I will remain active. You can even send me an email ( and tell me what kind of things you’d like me to write about in the future or questions you would like answered or cartoons I should draw or even just to tell me what your favourite 80’s movie is (mine is Ghostbusters of course).

Anyway, take care and I will see you all again soon (Well… not actually see you see you. I’m not watching you through your web cam or anything like that. That would just be creepy… Anyway, you know what I mean).