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“Have you heard this song before?” My wife asks as she turns up the radio a little for me to hear the lyrics. “It’s so weird.” “No, I’ve… Wait… What’s he singing?” “I’d catch a grenade for ya.” “Really? Wow. Why?” “I don’t know but it sounds like a nice song until you listen to the lyrics. Then it just gets creepy.” “Why would he… Oh my god! What was that one? I’d jump in […]

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More Lies About The Dutch

Lies About Dutch

Lies About The Dutch – Part 2 1) The original spelling of ‘Netherlands’ had to be changed in 1834 when the country was almost sued for infringement of copy write law by the inhabitants of Neverland. 2) Contrary to popular belief The Netherlands only has one canal. It’s just very long and weaves its way around the entire country in a very complex manner. 3)The Netherlands also used to have hills until they used them […]

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