23 Feb

Last week I revealed the shocking truth that I have a beard in real life and asked you the question; “Should Cartoon Stu have one too?” Well, the results are in, the votes have been counted and you the people have decided that… (pause for dramatic effect)… Cartoon Stu should not have a beard.

Although I will continue to wear my beard in real life for the time being it is clearly time for a virtual shaving of Cartoon Stu. However, as any man (or woman) who has ever been the proud owner of a beard will know, you can’t simply shave it all off in one go. To do so would be a horrible waste of a great opportunity. You have to plan these things. You have to experiment. You have to tryout different patterns. You have to see what you would look like with different kinds of beards. And so without farther ado I give you…

Thank you everyone who voted. There were a lot of good arguments for and against and for those of you who really wanted to see Cartoon Stu with facial fuzz fear not. I promise that he will occasionally be seen sporting a beard (one that does not look like he had an accident with his orange juice).

12 Feb

I have been living a lie. For a long time I have tried to live with the weight of this lie but it has become too great for me to carry any longer. It is time for me to come clean and confess the truth that I have hidden from you all for so long… I have facial hair.

I will give you a moment for this shocking revelation to sink in.

Although my cartoon has had a clean shaven and innocent image for a very long time the truth is that in real life I have a beard. I didn’t mean to deceive anyone. I grew the beard sometime after I started drawing the cartoon. Lately (and on several occasions) it has been suggested by those who know me in real life that I should finally update my cartoon to reflect the true hairiness of my chin. However, the lies have become so mixed up in my head that I cannot decide what the best course of action is any more. And that my friends, is why I am turning to you for advice.

Should my cartoon keep his youthful and familiar clean shaven appearance that he has warn for so long or should he embrace every aspect of his adulthood (except maturity, sensibility and responsibility) and proudly display his facial fuzz?

The decision is up to you. The future of this blog is in your hands. Results will be announced later in this week. Vote now!

Update: Voting is now closed

4 Feb
Categories: My Dutch Life

For the past few days I have been struck down with a serious case of man flu. I’ve spent most of my time tripping on cough medication and unable to keep a thought in my head for longer than five seconds. This also means I have been unable to write anything this week. So instead here is a hilarious video accurately representing my week (there might be an ad first):

Man Flu