Monthly Archives: December 2010

Alex In The Snow

Our young guest writer Alex de Leeuw is back to tell us all about the fun he is having this December as he waits for Father Christmas . ————————————————— “Het sneeuwt!” Vandaag was heel erg leuk, want het sneeuwde. – “It’s Snowing!” Today I was very excited because it was snowing. Ik ben buiten gaan spelen. Er lag heel veel sneeuw en het was koud. – I went outside to play. The snow was really […]

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Quote of the Week – Showing Concern

Overheard on the 7:30am train from Rotterdam to Amsterdam on a snowy December Monday morning. NS Train Conductor (Talking in to her radio) “I think we ran over something. Did you feel it?” NS Train Driver (On the other end of the radio) “Na. That was just the track.”

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Accident Proneness – A Visual Guide

1) Age 6 – Attempted to give myself a haircut by removing a large clump of hair from the back of my head. My mother was not impressed with my new hair style. 2) Age 7 – Received concussion after excitedly chasing a relative’s dog through the house and slamming head first into a rather (visually) hard to miss doorway. 3) Age 19 – Dyed my eye lashes black in a failed attempt to get […]

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