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How (Not) To Pick Up Dutch Girls – Part 2

Pick Up Dutch Girls 2

It is nine years ago. I have only been in the Netherlands for two months. I am standing at the bar waiting to order drinks as the club’s music rings in my ears and my foot taps to its beat. My friends are somewhere on the dance floor. I wait for the barman. Suddenly the attractive young girl waiting next to me turns her attention in my direction. She smiles and flicks her hair. I […]

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How (Not) To Pick Up Dutch Girls – Part 1

Pick Up Dutch Girls 1

It is a late summer evening six years ago. I am still young, free and single. I am standing at the checkout of my local Albert Heijn super market. The young and attractive Dutch girl in front of me beeps the ingredients of my pasta dinner over her scanner. I decide to show off a little and talk to her in Dutch. “Mag ik een tasje?” I ask. With a smile she reaches under the […]

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Dreadfully Dutch Fake Facts – Part 1

Dreadfully Dutch Fake Facts - Part 1

1) Everyone in Holland is 6’5 tall. Any Dutch person who has not reached this height by their 21st birthday is exiled to Belgium. 2) Due to a series of escalating over exaggerated tourists stories visitors to Amsterdam are often disappointed to discover that the red light district is in fact just an area with a lot of faulty traffic lights. 3) Dutch music was first invented during World War II as a means of […]

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Mistaken For Being Dutch

It has finally happened. After all the years of waiting and hoping and wondering how I would respond it has finally happened, the one thing I have been waiting for all this time. I’ve been mistaken for being Dutch. It all started when I spotted a couple walking towards me in the street, clutching a map, both sharing the same confused look upon their faces which suggested they were utterly and completely lost. I already […]

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Surviving The Dangerous City of Cologne

The City of Cologne is very dangerous. That’s not to say that it isn’t a very nice city. There are the appropriate amount of historical buildings for tourists to take photos of, there are a lot of nice shops to shop in, the locals seems friendly, the food is nice and I am sure the crime rate is quite low. However, this does not change the fact that it is a very dangerous city for […]

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