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A Quick Guide to Holland

Guide to Holland

As an Englishman I have a unique point of view on the Netherlands. This point of view is usually a foot or two low that of the average Dutchman given their extreme height. The Netherlands is a very flat country and as such its people are very envious of any other countries with even the smallest of hills or speed bumps. Young skateboarders and go-cart racers are more bitter then most. The Dutch try to […]

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The Mosquito Trial

Please state your name for the court. Bz bbzzz. Mr. Mosquito, Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god? Bzz. Please tell the court where you were between the hours of 11:00pm on July 15th and 6:00am on July 16th. Bbbzzzzz… bbbzzzzz… bzzz. Mr. Mosquito. Must I already remind you that you are under oath? Bz. Then I ask you again, please tell the […]

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Radio Reading: Expat Supporters

It’s all happening this week. A couple of months ago I was contacted by the host of the very funny Stuart Britton Show which broadcasts on Southhampton HBA. He (as I found out) has been a reader of my blog for some time and after we swapped some amusing stories about the fact that we were both called Stuart he asked if I would be interested in doing a cartoon of the show’s presenters for […]

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Telegraph Interview

Greetings Telegraph visitors. It is nice to meet you. How are you doing? I hope you liked the Telegraph Interview. My name is Stuart and this is my blog. Here you will find the bizarre but happy story of my life in Holland as an accident prone Englishman, the strange and humours things that seem to happen to me on an almost daily bases and my confused and baffled observations on the Dutch culture and […]

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The Trouble With Being An Expat Football Supporter In Holland

During any kind of sporting event that involves countries competing against each other it is inevitable that expats everywhere will be asked the same question. It does not matter which country they are from and which country they find themselves in, the question from the locals is always the same; “Which country are you supporting?” This may seem like a simple question at first with an equally simple answer; your own country (or another one […]

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