Monthly Archives: June 2010

Alex Goes Sailing

Today our young guest writer Alex de Leeuw shares with us the fun he had sailing this weekend. A few months ago Alex helped us fixed the boat and we finally got to test it out on the water. Since Alex is Dutch I have translated his story into English for him. ————————————————— “Zijn wij er bijna?” Vandaag was ik heel vrolijk, want we reden naar de haven… – “Are we there yet?” Today I […]

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Summer Ransom

Dear Holland, I am holding your summer captive. If you ever want to see it again you will meet with my demands. If my demands are not met you will never get to wear that new bikini you just bought to the beach. I know you are Dutch and will most likely go to the beach in the freezing cold anyway but you know what I mean. To prove to you that I am serious […]

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My Day Job Making Computer Games

Some of you might have been wondering what I do for a day job. Am I Superhero? A ninja? A pirate? A spy? A super hero ninja pirate spy? Well I can finally reveal what I have been doing to pay the rent for the last few months because my latest project has been announced: I’m a designer on the Killzone computer game franchise. That’s right, I get to play computer games and call it […]

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Dutch Invading Scotland

Once you have become familiar with the sounds of the Dutch language in any way it becomes a very easy language to recognize and once you can recognize it you will realize it is impossible to escape the Dutch. They are everywhere. No matter which far away country you run to you will find them or they will find you. This was something I was reminded of during my holiday to Scotland last summer. Everywhere […]

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Learning Dutch From a Dutch Child

“Wat is dat?” asked my girlfriend’s three year old niece as she pointed to the image of a brightly coloured sheep. “Het is een schaap.” I informed her. We were sitting on the sofa of her parent’s place as she proudly showed me her new story book and inquisitively asked me the names of all the animals within. I’d been learning Dutch off and on a bit for a few years. I still wan’t great […]

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