Monthly Archives: May 2010

The Warrior’s Code – Ten Ways To Deal With Mosquito Attacks

The warrior is always ready for battle when the summer months descend upon him. The warrior is strong. The warrior is brave. The warrior is noble. The warrior knows his enemy. And above all else the warrior lives by the code: Ten Ways To Deal With Mosquito Attacks 1) The warrior will dedicate ten minutes of every night to standing on the bed in his underwear so he might hunt the enemy before he rests […]

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Lost in Liverpool

“What street is that on love?” Our cab driver asked when we gave him the name of the restaurant we were going to. I should point out that he was talking to one of my female colleagues and was not referring to me as love. We were on a business trip in Liverpool (five of us in total) and had been invited out to a fancy new restaurant which (we had been informed) every cab […]

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Alex Fixes The Shower

Today we have another post from our young guest writer Alex de Leeuw. Since Alex is Dutch I have translated his story into English for him. ————————————————— Vandaag hebben we in de douche geklust. Gisterenavond heb ik voor het laatst onder de oude douche gestaan. – Today we rebuilt the shower. Last night I took my last shower with the old shower. Toen zijn we naar de klusmarkt gegaan. – Then we went to hardware […]

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My Reputation Precedes Me… Again

Last Tuesday I was standing in a queue outside the Melkweg in Amsterdam, waiting to see Flight of the Conchords live on stage. I’d been looking forward it for weeks and had shown up early with friends to make sure that we got good seats. We were not the only ones that had had this idea either. There were a lot of people queuing. I knew there were more friends somewhere in the queue, as […]

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My Train Station Adventure

This morning I went on an adventure. I had not been planning to but as I waited so very patiently for my morning train a strange and curious desire for exploration overtook my legs and propelled them, one in front of the other, forwards. At first I did not think anything odd of this for it is my habit to wonder about, back and forth, up and down, around and around as I wait for […]

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