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John Fealey Koninginnedag

Work is taking me out of the country for a short while again and because of that I wont have any time for anything blog related until I get back and because of that I’m leaving you with another very funny from John Fealey. This time he is talking about Koninginnedag. See you in a few days. If you are unable to see the embedded video above follow this link.

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Trying To Learn Dutch By Playing Scrabble

During my time in Holland I have taken a few Dutch courses in an attempt to learn the local language. During one of these courses the teacher decided it would be fun for the class to play scrabble. Obviously playing scrabble in English would not have been very educational so we were required to play the game in Dutch. Trying to learn a new language is already very difficult at the best of times but […]

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Awfully British Fake Facts – Part 1

Awfully British Fake Facts - Part 1

1) A lot of countries think that all Englishmen drink tea, play cricket, work in accounting and wear bowler hats all of the time but this is untrue. We do not wear our bowler hats on Sundays. 2) The average human body is made of 90% water but the average English body is made of 90% tea. Without tea we die. 3) Tea can solve any and every problem. Aliens invading? Have some tea! Sprained […]

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Dutch Circle Party Tradition

Dutch Circle Party

Anyone who has lived in Holland for any length of time has most likely encountered a Dutch circle party and those who have not will eventually, it is inevitable. A Dutch circle party (the name is not a euphemism) can be best described as a birthday party that involves sitting in a circle all afternoon and chatting while drinking tea or coffee and eating cake. Anyone who only considers a party to be a party […]

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