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Invading Holland Book Plan

We are almost a month into 2010 which means a month of intending to start New Year’s resolutions has almost passed us by. So far my reverse psychology plan to get healthy by continuing to eat unhealthy food is progressing slowly but my body is sure to fall for it soon. One of my other new year’s resolutions was is to write an ‘Invading Holland’ book made out of words and pages, the majority of […]

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Dutch Integration Checklist (Inburgering Exam)

Integration Check List

Thank you for agreeing to take the Dutch Integration test/Inburgering Exam. The aim of this test is to determine how well you have integrated into Dutch culture during the time you have spent in the Netherlands. Please answer the questions below truthfully and honestly to the best of your knowledge for the best test results: Dutch Integration Checklist/Inburgering Exam What is your name? Stuart B (aka: InvaderStu) Are you able to communicate in Dutch? If […]

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Weed Plantation Found In Our Apartment Building

“It was a weed plantation.” It was not the usual kind of text message I expected to receive from my girlfriend during an average working day but it certainly explained the small collection of police and security vans I had seen parked outside our apartment building that morning. “They broke the door down early in the morning and found over 500 cannabis plants all set up with heat lamps,” she informed me upon my return […]

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Alex is Gevonden…

…or rather it is more accurate to say he found us. Alex appeared on our doorstep this last week with a note asking if he could stay with us. As you can see from the photo he has grown a little during his time away (and has found some cool new sunglasses). Thank you to all our friends and readers for aiding us in the search for Alex. We are very happy to have him […]

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Train Fail

I looked back down from the window, sighed and reached for my phone. I dialed the number for my beloved girlfriend, put the phone to my ear and waited for her to answer. “Hello.” She answered happily. “Hi honey. What’s the train station after ours?” I enquired; trying to sound like nothing was wrong which anyone can tell you simply makes you sound like something is wrong. “It’s [station name]. Why?” She answered and counter […]

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