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What Happened To The Dutch Strippenkaart

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to mourn the passing of the humble Dutch strippenkaart (strip card) as it passes on into the realms of nostalgia to be replaced with the new electronic OV-chipkaart (public-transport chip card) system. Many of you who have gathered here to pay your respects will remember our friend the strippenkaart as a simple means of exchanging money for transportation on Dutch trams, buses and metros. I would like to […]

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How I Ended Up Bleeding In a Dutch Police Station

Sometimes a man gets hungry. Sometimes this happens late at night. Sometimes this happens when the man is slightly drunk. If this transpires the best solution is always the mighty sandwich (if there is no Kebab place within the ‘can be bothered’ range). A big, fat sandwich can always satisfy a late night inebriated snackers hunger but it is not without its risks. The problem with making a sandwich at 1am in the morning while […]

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Alex de Leeuw: Day Three in Amsterdam

Today we have our last post from our guest writer Alex de Leeuw as he tells us about his time in Amsterdam. Here are his first and second posts. ————————————————— Vandaag was het zonnig weer dus Stuart laat mij Amsterdam zien. Today it was sunny weather so Stuart shows me Amsterdam. Dit is de Dam. Maar waar is het Paleis? This is Dam Square but where is the palace? Wij kijken op de plattegrond om […]

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Alex de Leeuw: Day Two in Amsterdam

We continue with another post from our guest writer Alex de Leeuw as he tells us about his week in Amsterdam. His first post can be found here. ————————————————— Vandaag regent het, dus ik blijf thuis. Maar Stuart moet gaan werken. Today it was raining so I stay at home but Stuart had to go to work. Ik heb een nieuw vriendje. Hij heet Mr Koala. Hij is een vriendje van Stuart I made a […]

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