Monthly Archives: February 2008

The Time I got Married For One Day In Amsterdam

Kiki: “I just want to marry someone who won’t try to make out with me.” Me: “You could do what I did and put an announcement out on the internet that you are looking for someone.” Kiki: “You asked the whole internet but you did not ask me? What is up with that?” Me: “Well… we could…” Kiki: “Well… Ok… You want to get married?” Me: “Sure!” Kiki: “Yay! So much awesome!” This was immediately […]

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Will You Marry Me?

Valentines Day is fast approaching. It is a day that gives us an opportunity (or a reminder that does not involve violence from a girlfriend) to show our feelings to that special someone through the giving of the traditional gifts of cards, chocolates and flowers. It also gives some people the excuse to display their feelings with Pepé Le Pew style acts of affection. However, this is not always advised since it seems only cartoon […]

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