Monthly Archives: December 2007

The Ebenezer Scrooge Timeline

Ebenezer Scrooge

The ghost of Christmas past could not have foreseen the consequences of their actions because her realm is the past. Because of this she has no forward planning ability. If you were to ask her what she planned to do next weekend she would be unable to tell you. She would not even be able to understand the concept. She would, however, be able to give you a very accurate detailed description of what she […]

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Drunk Cat Secretively Drinking Beer

For the past few weeks Bontje the house cat has been acting very strange (or maybe I should say stranger then usual). Neither my flat mate or myself could figure out why the small feline had suddenly started sleeping in random places around the house which she usually seemed to avoid (kitchen counters, top of the TV, etc) or why she had started displaying extreme mood swings. She was being so overly affectionate at times […]

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Hiding from Sinterklaas

As I listen to the sounds of happy children laughing and giggling out side as they excitedly await the arrival of Sinterklaas on the 5th of December I am hiding in my house behind a barricaded door with enough tinned food to last me through the night. It is said that Sinterklaas carries with him a gold book that lists all the names of the good boys and girls and a black book with the […]

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Invading Brussels: Book Launch

I arrived in Brussels on a very soggy Thursday after a long train journey from Amsterdam. I was not in the neighbouring country to expand my invasion plans; there were already a large group of expat bloggers who had things under control in that regard. In fact, I was about to meet a few of them. I had been invited to the book launch of the blog become book (with pages and words); My Boy […]

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