Monthly Archives: November 2007

Amsterdam Welcome Banner

Anyone who has visited Amsterdam is probably at least a little familiar with the large banner that hangs just outside the central train station. It shows a small selection of the kind of people you might meet in Amsterdam and it is possibly one of the first things that tourists and locals gaze upon when they arrive in the city and the last thing they see as they leave. It has been there for several […]

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Book Review: My Boyfriend is a Twat

When I was just a young blogger, only knee high to a Google search, there were several blogs that I looked up to as examples of how grown up blogging was done. In one such example having a boyfriend who is a twat and a large supply of red wine close at hand (in the garage via the kitchen) was clearly a recipe for a successful blog. I was not willing to go as far […]

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Sinterklaas Intocht – Unilaterally Stalking Sinterklaas

This Saturday Sinterklass and his Zwarte Pieten helpers arrived in Holland. The arrival is known as the Sinterklaas Intocht. Once they arrive they start the two week preparation for December 5th when they give out presents to all the good boys and girls. Since I was in town when Sinterklass arrived I had the opportunity to take a few photos. I found the perfect snapshot taking location. Since they were going to be arriving by […]

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Dutch Emergency Alarm Test

Dutch Emergency Alarm

On the first Monday of every month at noon the Dutch government likes to test the emergency alarm system in Amsterdam and the rest of the country. Wailing sirens can be heard every where through out the famous European city. I’m not sure what kind of disasters these alarms are supposed to warn the citizens of Amsterdam about but it occurred to me that if such a tragedy was to actually happen on the first […]

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Halloween in Holland – Ghostbusters Save Amsterdam

October 1984: One day at school, when the teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we all grew up, most of the other boys in my class reply that they wanted to be a brave policeman or a daring fireman. All the girls answered that they dreamed of becoming a graceful ballerina or a beautiful princes. I, on the other hand, had a very different reply. I did not want to spend my […]

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