Monthly Archives: July 2007

Am I Ginger or Blond?

It is very rare for me to write about a truly serous subjects but some topics are so important that they must be discussed. The question I am about to ask might be the greatest question ever asked in the history of question asking. I advise that the weak-hearted among you stop reading now. The debate created by this question will send shock waves around the world as faction who support opposing theories clash in […]

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Just One Beer

Whenever someone suggests having ‘just one beer’ after a day at the office everyone knows that what they really mean is this; “Let’s start with just one beer and then proceed to drink more, much more.” The person who makes the suggestion of ‘just one beer’ might not even be aware of what they are really saying but they are saying it anyway. It is not long before ‘just one beer’ turns into two beers, […]

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Things I Learnt At College

1) If you are using an empty coke bottle to clean your brushes while painting never put the full coke bottle that you are actually drinking from with in reach. If the watery paint taste does not make you realize your error the paint brush hitting you in the back of the throat will. 2) The tutors don’t appreciate it when you drink all of their coffee and it is hard to hide guilt when […]

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Crazy Paintball Battle and Friendly Fire

It felt like I had been lost behind enemy lines for hours. I was tired, hungry, losing light fast and my ammo was dangerously low but I refused to give up. I had to complete my mission. However, my luck was about to come to an end. I ran through the foliage into a clearing and everything suddenly changed. I was surrounded. Guns were pointed at me from all directions. I counted at least eight […]

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The Dangers of Cycling in The Netherlands

Since I can occasionally be a very accident prone person it might seem like an unwise idea for me to own a Fiets (bicycle) as a primary mode of transport. However, when I first moved to Holland it quickly became clear that I would require one in order to blend in with the locals who like to terrorise pedestrians and jump traffic lights at every given opportunity. I did not have to look far for […]

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