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Pre-Koninginnedag 2007

This coming Monday is Koninginnedag (Queens Day) in Holland. As I mentioned last year Koninginnedag is the day that everyone in Holland celebrates the Dutch Queen’s birthday and it has nothing to do with men up and down the country putting on dresses and applying a little make-up to make them selves feel pretty. The whole country joins in on the celebrations and Amsterdam becomes one big party. It is obviously a party with a […]

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Quote of the Week: Understanding

The following takes place between the hours of 11pm and 12pm last Saturday night at a crowded night club somewhere in Amsterdam. Minimal alcohol was involved during the events you are about to read. The names of those involved have been changed to protect the not so bright. Unknown Girl 1 (Nervously leaning over) “Excuse me. Do you mind keeping my seat for me while I go to the…” Irish Friend (Suddenly interrupting, obviously having […]

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Riverside Drama At a Dutch Cafe

Last weekend we had the perfect weather for going out side and exploring the world. By ‘exploring the world’ I mean sitting outside on a riverside café terrace sipping a beer with a friend (not the same beer because that would be creepy) and watching the ducks play chicken with passing boats. As relaxing as this environment can be there are a few things to be wary of. At any moment you could be dive […]

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Space Cake Side Effects | My Amsterdam Experience

Space Cake

Everybody loves cake, even the Dutch. Maybe this explains why they combined it with one of the other things they are famous for (and I’m not talking about cheese, tulips or an open view towards sexuality). The resulting combination is the kind of cake that would be ill advised to serve at any children’s birthday party unless you wanted to keep the normally hyperactive mini humans very quiet and docile for the whole day. It […]

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Intoxicated Confusion

Anyone who has ever overindulged in the consumption of alcoholic beverages will have more then a passing familiarity with the condition known scientifically as drunkenness. Symptoms can include slurred speech, impaired balance, poor coordination, reduced inhibition, memory loss and uncharacteristic behavior. In my case this list also includes the rather odd ability to get inanimate objects and their functions mixed up. A few years ago after a night of drinking I found myself having great […]

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