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Lost in Mistranslation

Winkel Werker (vin-kel ver-ker) – Noun Translation: Shop Worker (shop wur-ker): A person who works at a sales counter or service desk in a shop. Not to be mistranslated as: Winkle Worker (win-kle wur-ker): Possibly someone in Amsterdam’s red light district who ‘works’ a part of the male anatomy.

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Cultural Exchange – Part 2

In my second list of cultural exchange suggestions I would like to detail possible ways in which Briton could assist Holland. We’ve already provided them with loud drunk English lads stumbling through the red light district on stag nights and hippies that have not been able to find their way out of the local coffee shop since the 60’s. Both of these might have helped fund the countries tourist industry but there are other forms […]

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Cultural Exchange – Part 1

When I first moved to Holland I quickly realized there were a few things that were done differently from my homeland. These were things I had to get used to. Such as; Dutch coffee shops are not the best place to buy coffee unless you want to order a Triple Latte Cannabis Espresso. During the years I have lived in the country I’ve been witness to Dutch innovations and ideas that might benefit Briton. It […]

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Comic Relief: Shaggy Blog Stories

How many bloggers does it take to change a light bulb? One but if you get another ninety-nine they can create a book for Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day with some of the funniest stories from around the blogosphere. However, one-hundred and one would probably be better so there is still someone to change the light bulb, otherwise the work would have to be done in the dark. Bloggers publish book for Comic Relief. 100 […]

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One Year of Blogging

It’s time to get out the party hats, bake a cake and hire a clown. One year ago on the 14th of March I first put fingers to keyboard and created this blog. that’s one year of blogging already. When I started there were no cartoons and I had no idea what direction I was going to take it in. It has been a lot of fun developing a style over the last 12 months […]

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