Monthly Archives: September 2006

Falling into one of Amsterdam’s Canals

Amsterdam is well known for its canals and although they are one of the cities main attractions they are well known for not being very clean. It’s not a desirable place to go for a quick swim even if you are diving for abandoned bikes. Drinking the water would most likely end up in the mutation of a third arm or eleventh toe. Given my accident prone nature it might be surprising to know that […]

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Strange Dream

I’ve always been fascinated by dream logic. I think it’ one of the reasons why I like writers like Neil Gaimen. So it is interesting when I can remember my dreams with such detail like the one I had the other night. The dream started in an old Wild West town. I was there with my father (who has a great interest in the Wild West in real life). We were trying to fit in […]

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– Friday – 3:55am – 5 hours after the incident: No one really knows how it started. All they can do is unimaginatively suggest scenarios from late night horror movies they have seen. “Maybe it’s a virus like in that movie based on that computer game,” or, “It’s a curse just like that movie starring Bruce Campbell,” they say. But the truth is it does not really matter how it started. We only have enough […]

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So You Want To Move To Holland

A few people have asked me about the process of moving to Holland and what they might need to do with in the first few days of arriving. For this reason I am going to take a break from my usual style of writing and attempt explaining a few things which might be useful. Most of the information I am going to give will be from personal experience so I would still suggest checking other […]

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The Spiders That Took Over Holland

I have never been someone who is easily scared by spiders. However, when I saw Arachnophobia as a young teenager in the early 90s I have to admit that I was creeped out for a few days. As a result I felt uncomfortable walking under lamp shades and I could not look at pop-corn the same way again. However, it was only a movie and the chances of a spider attack on that scale really […]

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