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Montage Inc™

Movie montages have shown us that anything is possible with a few camera cuts and some 80s music. They are the greatest un-tapped resource in the world today and the possibilities they offer are endless. However, this resource has never been made available to the public… until now. Having noticed this gap in the market my flat mate and I have decided to start the company Montage Inc. Our goal is to offer the public […]

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Amsterdam Is Falling Apart and Sinking

Twenty Seven percent of Holland is below sea level. Schiphol air port (the main airport for Amsterdam) is five meters below sea level. It’s only due to Dutch ingenuity that passengers don’t have to snorkel through passport control or dive to baggage reclaim. A lot of the land that makes up Holland has been reclaimed from the sea by building dykes and pumping the sea water out. Dykes are like dam walls, except they also […]

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Imaginary Friend

I first met my imaginary friend during a family holiday. I can’t remember where we were staying exactly but it was some where in the British country side. As we walked through the fields one day (after what had felt like an incredibly long train journey) I saw my imaginary friend for the first time sitting on a stone wall. He was enjoying the view but still looked a little board, as if he wanted […]

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Stag Weekend In Amsterdam

I’d only been at the office for a short while on Friday morning when I received a phone call from Neil (one of my college friends). I knew he was going to be in Amsterdam for the weekend on other business and we had been planning to meet up. “It’s already started.” He stated over the phone. It was a very strange greeting but I had a good idea about what he was trying to […]

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Xbox 360 Degrees of Fear

It’s finally happened. I knew it would. The X-Box 360 has turned violent. Please, one of you has to hide me. I fear for my life. Just look at the last post it made: 360 Post: Fear me InvaderStu… for I am coming to force you into gaming. You think I am kidding? You just wait…

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