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Public Transport in The Netherlands – Trains, Trams and Busses

Virtually every city, town and village in Holland is connected by some form of public transport. Lots of Dutch people, tourists and expatriates use the many trains, trams, taxis, buses, metros, water taxis and ferries to travel around the country every day. Since I don’t have a car (and have not driven in nine years) I also use public transport quite a lot for travelling to and from work. In the mornings I spend a […]

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Drawing the Cartoons

I first drew the cartoons I use for this blog about three years ago. The look of the characters has not changed much but the way I draw them has evolved a lot as I’ve learnt more about PhotoShop. I’ve always enjoyed playing with the program and it has been fun drawing the cartoons again. The complements I have received from different people have made both myself and my ego very happy. I’ve started giving […]

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The Writers Battle

This morning I sat down at my computer ready to write (what I hope would be) another informative and funny post about life in Holland. I had a few ideas going around in my head but nothing fully formed yet. It was a sea of possibilities, time to turn my thoughts into text on a computer screen. Everything was set. I was ready to begin. I put my fingers to keyboard but then something happened. […]

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One of my early movie memories is from a scene in Superman 3. At the end of the movie Lex Luther builds a huge super computer with the help of Richard Prior in order to defeat superman. Of course his plan fails but not before the gigantic computer pulls one of Lex’s own people into itself (it also tries to do the same to Superman). It starts to take them over, wrapping wires around their […]

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Forgetfulness always seems to strike at the worst time possible. I don’t mean the kind of memory black outs that come with a night of heavy drink that leave you confused and puzzled when you weak up in a tree with a cardboard cut out of Ann Robinson and no idea how you got there. I am talking about just plain, normal forgetfulness. I should probably point out that I have never woken up in […]

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