My First Attempt At Dutch Lessons

First attempt at dutch lessons

When I first attempted to learn Dutch (back in 2001) I took up the offer of a free course from my employer. The Dutch lessons took place twice a week, an hour before work, in a meeting room in the office basement. The office itself was an old Dutch bank which added to the strange atmosphere. The lessons were given by an ex-school teacher named Hans. Hans had a very unique technique for teaching Dutch […]

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Mega Mindy – A Conversation With My Daughter

Mega Mindy

If you have small children in The Netherlands (or Belgium) you have probably encountered Mega Mindy at some point. She is a brightly dressed Dutch/Flemish super hero who catches naughty people and entertains children on television. My daughter has become obsessed with her in recent months. This means I’ve been exposed to a lot of the show. I now have the theme song permanently stuck in my head (for all time). Like most super heroes […]

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Ten Awkward Situations for Expats Living in Holland

Awkward Situations for Expats Living in Holland

1) Getting the words gefeliciteerd and gecondoleerd mixed up. One means congratulations. The other means condolences. You can get away with the mistake at a birthday party but not at a funeral. 2) Accidentally buying vla instead of milk and only discovering the mistake when you are serving tea to guests (and the resulting splosh lands in their laps). 3) Returning to your home country and confusing the shop workers there by unintentionally speaking Dutch […]

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Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Happy New Year! It was a busy 2016 indeed. A lot of big life changing events have happened for me personally and my family. The year started with the construction of our new house and the hiding of a secret message in its foundations. I found myself trapped in a frozen Friesland and shared some of my Dutch father-in-laws fun English translations. As the weather started to warm up I explored the Dutch tradition of […]

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