Five Ways To Fake Speaking Dutch

How To Fake Speaking Dutch

After many years of living in The Netherlands I have mastered the ability to fake speaking the Dutch language. It is something that came in handy when I first arrived in the country and is still useful to this very day (more so than it probably should be at this point). I probably should have used that time to actually master speaking the language instead but it is really hard. At least I can now […]

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Invading Holland Redesign

Invading Holland Redesign

Surprise! I’m back and things look a little different now. If all has gone well you are now reading this on the all new Invading Holland redesign. If everything has gone badly you are now staring at a 404 error while weep and beg my computer to bring everything back. Hopefully everything has gone well. So where was I? Between the arrival of a new baby and the moving into of a new house the […]

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My Thoughts On The Brexit


Well… f**k! A few people have asked me my thoughts on the Brexit and that about sums it up. F**k! The Brexit is a much more serious subject than I would ever normally write about so this is going to be a step out of my comfort zone. I’m usually the guy that writes the (hopefully) funny stories about life in the Netherlands as an accident prone Englishman. However, there is nothing funny about the […]

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Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style

Dutched Up

There are many benefits to being a blogger. One of them is getting to know other bloggers who then write a book and ask if you would like to read it. That’s how I found myself reading Dutched Up: Rocking the Clogs Expat Style. The book is written by a few bloggers who you might already be familiar with, all of whom came to The Netherlands for their own reasons and decided to call the […]

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How I Survived My First 15 Years In The Netherlands

15 Years In The Netherlands Small

It’s hard to believe that this year marks two big anniversaries in my life as an expat here in the Netherlands. The first being the 10 year anniversary of this very blog (that took place in March) and the second being today; the 15 year anniversary of the day I first arrived in The Netherlands… I think it is finally time to admit that I live here now. It’s also funny to think how much […]

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