The Morning Commute That Went Wrong

Commute That Went Wrong

The start of my day involves a short drive to the train station. It’s an uneventful but pleasant drive from the village where I live through country roads to the nearby town and its train station. I even pass fields of sheep and cows. This morning I arrived at the train station car park as normal. However, I quickly discovered a slight problem. I’d forgotten my wallet. No wallet meant no bank pass which meant […]

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The Dutch Ticket Inspector and the Accidental Bribe

Dutch Ticket Inspector

Like most people, I sometimes forget things. It’s not intentional. It just happens. It might be an important bit of information that has to be remembered, an object that must not be forgotten or task that must be done. Either way it simply disappears into some rarely checked corner of the brain. Sometimes it’s not a problem. Other times it can lead to you trying to explain to an angry train ticket inspector why you’ve […]

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An Open Letter To Radio 10

Radio 10

Dear Radio 10, I need to ask your help with something… Something life altering important. I need you to help me solve a mystery. The other night I was driving home in my car (since that is what I usually drive home in and driving home in someone else’s car would be both odd and illegal) while listening to a radio station. I am ashamed to say it was not Radio 10. It was an […]

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10 Things To Do During A Dutch Heat Wave

Dutch Heat Wave

Every Dutch summer is the same. At first it seems like there will be no summer at all. The weather is terrible. It rains. It’s cold. It’s cloudy. It rains some more. Then suddenly the entire country is hit by an intense heat wave as if summer suddenly realised it was late and is desperately trying to make up for lost time. Such extreme heat can make it difficult to think sometimes. It is simply […]

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The Quest For Dutch Nationality

Quest For Dutch Nationality

Technically I have been lying to you all for a very long time. Theoretically I have taken your trust and miss used it. I claim that I have been living in The Netherlands since 2001 but that is not true. To make matters worse it is a lie I didn’t even know I was telling. It is a lie I believed to be true. I have memories of leaving England in 2001 and arriving in […]

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