21 Apr
Koningsdag Search
This cartoon first appeared in the March/April edition of DUTCH:The Magazine
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15 Apr

Lost Keys

Five months ago I lost my car keys. In my attempts to find them I searched every corner of our apartment. I looked through every draw, checked every coat pocket, emptied every bag but found nothing.

Luckily my wife still had her car keys so started ‘borrowing’ them whenever I needed to go somewhere. She would use these opportunities to impress upon me the importance of finding my own car keys… So I would start my search again.

I interrogated our two year old daughter for information. When that failed I resorted to giving her another set of keys in the hopes that she would lead me to her secret hiding place and my missing car keys. Alas, she was innocent.

Then I became convinced that my car keys were in England. It wasn’t a complete stretch of the imagination. They had gone missing around the time we had visited my parents in London. In fact, my wife had driven us back to the boat with her own car keys. I’d not seen mine since the trip.

I asked my parents to search their home on four separate occasions over the months that followed. I asked them to check under the furniture. I asked them to search the street where we’d parked our car. I asked them to search their entire house from to bottom. Each time they found nothing and asked me to stop harassing them.

But I was convinced that my car keys had to be at my parents’ house or (at the very least) somewhere in England. Maybe I would just have to have a look for myself during our next visit.

More time passed. Life suddenly became very busy so we did not get a chance to return to England and start my search operation. I slowly started to realize that my car keys were probably lost forever and that I might have to get some new ones at some point. However, since I was not quite ready to admit that yet I continued using my wife’s car keys instead.

Five months had passed since my search began.

Then one day I was on my way out somewhere as my wife came in from cleaning the car. I asked to borrow her car keys again as I had done many times before and she responded by dangling a set of keys in front of my face. But when I tried to take them she refused to hand them over. I was puzzled. Was she trying to make a point about finding my own car keys? Did she want a kiss first (which I tried to do but was met with a head shake)? Why did she keep waving the keys and giving me that funny look?

It took me almost a minute to realize what was going on. The car keys she was holding were not hers… They were mine.

She had just found my missing car keys… in the car… under the driver’s seat. I quickly phoned my parents and apologized.

31 Mar

Official Statement

Dear people of Holland,

This is not something that I normally do but I feel that it is important for me to make an official statement on something that you have all probably been wondering about.

I did not cause the power cut that affected large parts of the Netherlands last week.

Given my extremely accident prone nature it is understandable that some of you might have thought this. It is true that I have caused power cuts on several occasions in the past. However, those power cuts were always limited to my own home (as too was the fire). At the time of last week’s power cut I was not doing anything that could intentionally or unintentionally cause a large surge of electricity. I was not plugging something in, changing a light bulb, rewiring my house or performing any questionable experiments.

As for those of you who were wondering about my well being during the events of the power cut I am happy to report that I did not end up trapped in any lifts or trains (I am surprised too). In fact, I was quite unaware of what had happened until sometime later. The power cut happen moments after I stepped off the train at Amsterdam which might seem suspicious… but I’m sure I was not involved.

24 Mar

Personal Belongings

My morning train ride was going smoothly. The train had arrived on time, it was heading in the correct direction and I’d even managed to get a seat. As we arrived at our final destination the intercom crackled to life and the conductor started his routine announcement, first in his native language of Dutch and then in his not so native language of English.

These announcements are often a source of amusement because the English part does not always go as the announcer planned or would have liked. The meaning of a sentence can be so easily changed by misplacing a few words (I know because I do it all the time in Dutch). This morning’s announcement ended up being a little suggestive.

“Ladies and Gentlemen. The next station is Amsterdam. Please remember to take off your personal belongings as you leave the train.”

It took me a second to realize what I had just heard. Take off our personal belongings? I know the Dutch are a very open minded people but had the train announcer really just suggested that we all take off our clothes as we leave the train? I’m not sure I want to know my fellow train passengers so intimately. It would be quite a shock for the people on the platform too if the doors opened and a steady stream of naked people suddenly exited the train.

I decided to keep my clothes on. Luckily so did everyone else.

15 Mar

The Escape

When I receive an email from someone offering to lock me in a room for an hour I am normally a little hesitant to reply. However, when the team from Claustrophobia invited me to play their latest escape room game (titled Wake Up) eager to let them do just that. I’ve always wanted to try an escape room game.

The basic premise of an escape room is that you are locked in a room and have to find a way out within an hour by completing various puzzles. It’s kind of like a live action point and click adventure computer game but without the load times. However, Wake Up takes the basic premise of an escape room game and runs with it, creating an amazingly immersive experience.

The game is based around the imagination of Matilda, a little girl who’s dreams are usually happy and cheerful places until something goes wrong. Thousands of fantasies, riddles and illusions become mixed up in one mysterious and unpredictable knot, and you are trapped right in the middle of it.

Before I went in I knew I would need some help so I assembled a team of friends. After we arrived the three of us waited outside the door to Matilda’s dream world, not knowing what to expect. The door opened, we entered a room, the timer started and then…

…this one thing happened and it was great…

… and this other thing happened and we all jumped… it was awesome…

…and later Luke figured out this one puzzle we were all be stuck on and we cheered…

…and later still we found this thing we needed for another thing… and we were all very pleased with ourselves…

… and all this other amazing stuff happened and…

Ok. I can’t actually tell you what happened after we entered the room without spoiling the surprises that followed. I really wish I could but I can’t. I have been sworn to secrecy. If you want to know what happens in Matilda’s dream you’ll simply have to enter it for yourself.

What I can tell you is that we were instantly sucked into the amazing atmosphere, and genuinely mind blown by some of the surprises that awaited us upon completing parts of the mystery and the many fun puzzles.

You’re probably wondering if we actually escaped (or if I am writing this from inside the locked room). We escaped. We completed the room in 41 minutes and 13 seconds, just a few minutes behind the record. Why not see if you can beat our time?

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Claustrophobia Escape Cartoon
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And don’t worry. They do actually let you out if you don’t complete it in time…… I think.